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Clinker Tile

J and M Tile Inc. is proud to be an advocate of Clinker Tile. Having performed numerous Clinker Tile projects both in Mud-Set and Thin-set applications, J and M Tile Inc. has seen the advantages and end user satisfaction with this product. We simply are the preferred Clinker Tile installation specialists in the mid-west.

Clinker Tile Clinker Tile
Clinker Tile Clinker Tile


The brand Argelith Bodenkeramik stands for ceramic tiles for heavy loaded areas in industry and commerce. Experts call Argelith the manufacturer of “the strongest tile on earth” and J and M Tile Inc. agrees. There are loads that must be carried during the life of an Argelith Clinker tile that simply cannot be simulated. Even when it is not in operation, industrial production equipment can press and exert several tons of weight onto just a few centimetres of floor. When the equipment is running at high speed, additional vibrations and oscillations occur that generate further stresses.

Argelith special ceramic tiles are not affected by any of these situations. Argelith fully vitrified Clinker tiles are ideal where high mechanical loads and aesthetics are required.

Advantages to using Clinker Tiles:

  • Highest mechanical loads possible.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Product can be steam jet cleaned.
  • Thermal resistant even over 100° C
  • Repairs can be made at smallest areas without causing any visible damage
  • By using thick tiles a deep joint is achieved
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Heavy machines and production facilities can stand safely and reliable on an Argelith Clinker floor

For more information about Clinker materials for your project, please contact one of the J and M Tile Inc. project managers below

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